[WRITING TASK 2] Những lỗi thường gặp

Task 2 Common Errors

Task Response
1. Thesis statement has no main points
2. Through the essay the writer does not clearly show their opinion
3. Topic sentences are not fully written and connected to the statement
4. One paragraph contains two ideas which are not fully developed
5. Essays do not fully cover the issues raised by the question
6. Arguments are not well supported

Coherence and Cohesion
1. No clear sequencing
2. Not a good range of linkers
3. Not enough linkers within paragraphs
4. Not using linkers correctly
5. Inadequate paragraphing

Lexical Resource
1. Trying to paraphrase words that don’t need changing
2. Using contractions (don’t – do not)
3. Too many risks with vocabulary which cause frequents errors
4. Word form errors (e.g. adjective instead of adverb)

Grammatical Range
1. Not using “and” when giving a list
2. Full stops not clear or missing
3. Sentences are too long and need to be broken up
4. Too many errors in grammar and/or punctuation