[IELTS WRITING TASK 1] Từ để thể hiện số lượng


  • With countable nouns (Với danh từ đếm được)

– An amount of
– Much

  • With uncountable nouns ( Với danh từ không đếm được)

– A number
– Many

  • With both (cả 2)

– A proportion of
– A percentage of
– A rate of
– A quantity of
– The figure for
– The data for

Chú ý:
– Avoid using “over” or “under” on their own as the meaning is too broad.
Modify with approximation language such as around/ slightly/
– Be careful with the use of “double” or “triple”.
Eg: Vietnam’s growth rate doubled/ tripled.
1 subject, used as a verb.
Eg: Vietnam’s growth rate was double/ triple that of Japan.
2 subjects, used as an adjective.